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The Country, The People and The Culture

The Republic of Türkiye was established in 1923, following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Since then, Türkiye's foregn policy has been guided by the principle of "Peace at Home, Peace in the World", as laid down by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and the first President of the republic. Read more...

Turkish Republic and Ataturk

The Turkish Grand National Assembly proclaimed the Republic on October 29, 1923 and Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, was elected as the Republic's first President. Read more...

State and Political Structure

The Republic of Türkiye is a democratic, secular and social sate governed by the rule of law; bearing in mind the concept of public peace, naional solidarity and justice; respecting human rights and loyal to the nationalism of Atatürk. Read more...

Foreign Policy and International Relations

Türkiye is strategically located at the confluenceof Europe and Asia. This unique geographical position bestows upon Türkiye, European, Balkan, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, Mediterranean and Asian identities all at the same time and dictates the pursuit of a multi dimensional foreign policy. Read more...


Ottoman Empire

Learn more about Ottoman Sultans, Cities, Culture, Lifestyle and more...

Armenian Allegations and the Facts

Read Armenian allegations, claims and historical facts

The Deportees of Malta and the Armenian Allegations

Read the book "The Deportees of Malta and the Armenian Allegations" Written by Bilal N. Simsir, the Ambassador Member of the Turkish Historical Society and published by the Ministery of Foreign Affairs.


Learn more about Troy which has an important position on the land of Anatolia where the civilization of the world has been born and flourished.

Who is Who?

Learn more about the significant people in Turkish History.


Biography of Ataturk

Ataturk, the founder and the first president of the Turkish Republic was born in Salonika in 1881. His father was Ali Riza Efendi and mother was Zübeyde Hanim. His paternal grand father Hafiz Efendi is a member of Kocacik Nomads from Konya and Aydin region, which was settled in Macedonia during 14th-15th centuries. His mother Zübeyde Hanim, also a daughter of an old Turkish family, settled in the town of Langasa near Salonika. Read more...


Learn more about the highlights of Ataturk's life.

Ataturk Museums

Find more about Ataturk Museums, their history and significance.

Ataturk's House in Salonika

Learn more about the house where Ataturk was born in and which is a museum now and view the pictures.


Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a great leader, who turned Türkiye into member of modern civilization, with all institutions. To build a mausoleum that would represent his eminence, and thoughts about principles, revolutions and modernization, emerged as a common idea of the Turkish nation, during the great sadness following the death of Atatürk. Read more...

Ataturk's Poems

Read poems dedicated to Ataturk.

Ataturk's Photo Album

Read poems dedicated to Ataturk.

Ataturk's Last Will

Read Ataturk's last will.


Learn more about The Savarona which is the largest non-royal yacht ever built.

Ataturk and Turkish Music

Learn more about  Ataturk's views on music, his favorite songs, song and marched composed for him and more...

Ataturk's Favorite Songs

Listen to Ataturk's favorite songs.

Ataturk Declares!

Read Ataturk's thoughts on several issues such as democracy and freedom, economy, women rights, national educations, science and technology...

Conversation with Anafartalar Commander Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk)

Read quotations from Mr. Rusen Esref Unaydin's book "Conversation with Anafartalar Commander Mustafa Kemal".

Quotations About Ataturk

Read quotations of  other countries' leaders, intellectuals, journalists etc. on Ataturk.

Turkish Flag

Turkish Flag

View the Turkish Flag.


General Information

Find general information about Türkiye.

City Guide

Learn about Turkish Cities' geography, population, location,districts, history and more...


Hunting, Winter Sports, Faith Tours, Silk Road, Thermal Resorts, Congress Tourism, Golf, Ornithology, Yachting and more...


Learn about the favorite destinations such as Istanbul, Antalya, Cappadocia and more


Surrounded by four different seas, Türkiye is a beach paradise with over 8000 km of sunny strips of sand. It also has an abundance of plant and wildlife species that can be enjoyed while camping or trekking in the many national parks which are dotted around the country. Read more...

Preserved Areas

In Türkiye a policy of protection and conservation of the stunning natural and cultural assets and the fields symbolizing our victorious battles has already been established on national and international bases; and preserved areas of different statues have been designated in order to be bequeathed to the future generations. With in the frames of the law that has been come into force in 1883, 4 types of definition of preserved areas come to the ground as; National Parks, Preserved Areas, Nature Parks and Nature Monuments. Read more...

Visions of Türkiye

Watch promotional videos of Türkiye.

Culture Routes

Learn about The Lycian Way and The St Paul Trail.

Tourism Statistics

Learn about the number of arriving-departing foreigners and citizens, charter statistics, tourism receipts & expenditures and more...

Useful Information for Travellers

Find information about visa, duty free, valuables, custom regulations, tax refund and more...

Tourism Offices Around the World

Find the information of Turkish tourism offices around the world.

Distances between cities

Calculate the distances between cities in Türkiye.

Distances between the cities and their towns

Calculate the distances between cities and towns in Türkiye.

Railway - Online Ticket Sale and Reservations

Find seat, price and train information.


Find information about the flights and the airports.

Foreign Policy


Find more information on Cyprus

Türkiye and EU

Find information on Türkiye and European Union such as progress reports, parliamentary relations, agreements and more...

Türkiye's Security (NATO)

Find more information about Türkiye's Security (NATO)


Read about the issues such as "what is terrorism?", concept and ideology of terrorism, Islam vs. Terrorism, PKK/KONGRA-GEL and more...

Armenian Allegations Concerning the 1915 Events

Find more resources on Armenian allegations

Energy Issues

Read Turkish Energy Strategy of 2009

Water Issues

Learn about Türkiye's policy on water issues, dams and development and more...

Environment Policy

Learn more about international environmental issues, relations with the European Union regarding environment and international and regional conventions.

The Turkish Straits

The total distance to be covered through the Straits, consisting of the Strait of Istanbul, Strait of Çanakkale and the Sea of Marmara, is about 164 miles, which for an average vessel takes about 16 hours to navigate. Their narrow and winding shape is more akin to that of a river. No part of the Straits lies in high seas. They are located in Türkiye?s internal waters. Read more...

Arms Control and Disarmament

Read about Türkiye's approach to disarmament.

Turks Living Abroad

Learn more about Turkish population living in European countries.

Human Rights

Read articles on Human Rights.

Türkiye on Illigal Migration

Türkiye is on a major migration route with ever-increasing numbers of illegal immigrants from its economically and politically unstable East trying to cross its territory towards Europe.
Given the magnitude of the problem, the solutions are beyond the means of a single country, requiring international burden sharing. Providing shelter, food, medical treatment as well as bearing the return costs of such high number of illegal immigrants puts heavy financial burden on the already strained resources of Türkiye. Read more...

Türkiye on Trafficking on Human Beings

Human trafficking is the recruitment, abduction, transportation and transfer of persons, by means of the threat or use of force/coercion or of the abuse of power or of deception, for purposes of sexual and labour exploitation and of organ removal. Although in Türkiye trafficking in human beings emanates from sexual exploitation, the strategy on fight against human trafficking, takes into account the reality that women, men and children may be exposed to the crime of human trafficking and they can be the target of different versions of human trafficking. Read more...

Combating Drugs

Türkiye is a leading country in the fight against the illegal trafficking of drugs.Türkiye?s global strategy on the fight against illicit trafficking of drugs is based on the principle that the issue can only be addressed by extensive cooperation, exchange of information and expertise within the international community. Read more...

Combating Organized Crime

Organized crime has become a serious concern for the entire global community. The era of globalization has transformed the world into a new social order characterized primarily by the unrestricted movement of goods and factors of production along national borders. The globalization of society and the advancements in transportation and communication technologies have provided various opportunities not only for the prosperity of our societies, but also for the criminal world as well. Read more...

Combating Corruption

Corruption is a threat for good governance, erodes confidence in and respect for democratic institutions and emerges as an obstacle to the economic development. Türkiye is active in various international organisations involved in the fight against corruption. Read more...

Women Issues

Türkiye?s commitment to women?s rights dates back to her foundation when the founder and the leader of the modern Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk launched intensive reforms in order for providing the women with equal rights and opportunities. These reforms mark the first steps in the revolutionary path towards the transformation of the status of women in Türkiye. Read more...


Landmarks in Life

Learn more about the landmarks in life such as traditions relating birth, circumcision, wedding customs, military service and more...


Learn more about Turkish Traditional (local), Modern and Popular Music.


Learn about the religion in Türkiye.

Traditional Theatrical Presentations

Learn more about traditional theatrical traditions, their history and significance.

Folk Knowledge

Learn about the daily life, traditional institutions, folk medicine, folk calender and meteorology and more...

Festivals, Ceremonies and Celebrations

Religious Festivals

Learn about the religious festivals such as Ramadan and the Feist of Sacrifice

Visa Information

Visa Information for Foreigners

Learn more about visa information.

Visa Form

Download visa form

Visa Fees at the Border Gates for 2009

Learn visa fees at the borger gates for 2009.

Online Visa Application

Make online visa application.


Procedures and Methods to be Followed in Case of Judicial Events

  • Take Precautions; With the simple precautions you take, you can prevent several crimes before it happens
  • Do not Touch Anything; If an attack happens to you or to your property despite all precautions you took, especially in the event that something is stolen from your house, office or car, do not touch anything. You may cause loss of evidence by your unwitting touch.
  • Call 155 for Police; Immediately call 155, the easiest and free of charge service for Police help in case of an attack against you or your property.
  • Go to the police office and file a complaint; For certain crimes it is a must to file a legal complaint. Accordingly, go to the police station and file a complaint. Application form to be provided from the police station is a requirement in order to reissue the stolen registry, driving license, passport, I.D. card, and similar documents. Moreover you may use these documents for insurance procedures.
  • Identification process is an important point in catching theft and pick pocketing suspects. Do not forget the features and characteristics of those in the place of crime in order to enable the identification process.
  • Follow up the event and developments; Upon submitting your application and complaint to the police station and other related departments follow up the steps taken. You are the reason for Police existence; our duty is to defend your rights.

How To Be Protected From Theft

Leaving some of the lights on during the night when you are not home can give the impression that you are home to malicious people and direct them to the houses where the lights are completely turned off.

Closing the curtains entirely in such a way that gives thieves  the impression  that you are not home and they can work easily will result in the discovery of your house during the day.

Always cooperate with your neighbors, if you are going to leave for a long time, let your neighbors know and ask them to watch your house.

Do not let peddlers, basket women, fortuneteller and beggars into your house. Do  not hesitate to report the people mentioned above and strangers that you recognize entering you apartment to Police 155 (155 Police Emergency).

Beaches, camping, picnic areas and other rest and recreation areas are the most convenient places for theft. Do not take your valuable belongings with you when going to these places. If you take them make sure to keep them with you at all times.
In construction sites copper wire, iron, faucets etc. at large, if so make sure to safe it with a guard and should be lighted if possible.

When you perform ablution in the mosque fountains make sure not to leave your money in your wallet or in your jacket pockets that you leave on the hanger.

If you have to have a gun in your house make sure it is properly stored. This precaution required to eliminate any accidents will prevent the thief breaking into your house to use this gun against you. The act that the thieves threaten the security of your property does not mean that your life is safe, even the thieves that do not want to use force can give any harm when they are caught red-handed.

If your house or office is robbed despite the precautions taken; stay calm, do not panic and do not touch anything. Call 155 Police Emergency immediately and report the situation in details as much as possible. Describe the stolen items in details and give information about their distinguished features. If your checks are stolen inform related banks immediately.

A photo of your precious jewelry, fur, carpet and similar items, list of the serial numbers that belong to your T.V., stereo and other electronic items will be extremely helpful in case of theft.

Items are sold at shops, markets, stores and similar places. If items are sold in person, it is possible that these are obtained from theft or smuggling. If you purchase these items you may end up in difficult situations. A thief who cannot sell the stolen item will not steal again. Cases reported to Police indicate that jewelry are sold in the jewelers, other items at houses or markets, construction items in other constructions or in scrap dealers. People in these professions should be extremely careful and report suspicious people trying to sell abovementioned items to them to the Police. It should be kept in mind that purchasing stolen items is a crime.

Precautions to be Taken on Streets and During Shopping

On no condition write your name, address and telephone numbers on your key chain.

Put your car and home keys in different key chains. This is to prevent you from worrying about your car and home at the same time.

Ladies: when you go to shopping put your keys in your pocket. This is to prevent a thief stealing your purse from entering into your home and car.

Do not carry a purse unless it is a must. It is more convenient to carry valuable and required items in your pocket.

While carrying plastic bags, packages or some other items make sure to keep your purse in between these items and your body.

Keep your purse close to your body when walking, make sure your purse is closed in order to prevent pick pocketing and being an open target. Place the handles around your wrist if there are any. Consider the same for shoulder bags.

Gold, jewelry, chains and necklaces are the targets. Make sure that above-mentioned items are not worn in such a way to be easily pulled off by the thieves riding bicycles or motorcycles, this will prevent injuries and material loss.

Try not to go shopping alone, when one is concentrated on shopping the other should watch the whereabouts.

If you have to carry bulk amount of money make sure to carry them in different pieces and in different pockets.

Points to Pay Attention

  • If an attack happens to you or to your property despite all precautions you took, especially in the event that something is stolen from your house, office or car do not touch anything;
  • Do not touch anything, or let anyone touch them until the expert team arrives.
  • Inform security units immediately.
  • Do not use your home phone when informing security forces in case your home phone is touched by the thieves.
  • Wait for the security forces in order to determine what is stolen.
  • Do not let anybody in.
  • Do not tidy the room; leave everything the way it is.
  • Let the security forces know about the things and objects that you had to touch or replace
  • Do not eat or drink anything in the crime scene. Do not throw the cigarette butts to the crime scene.

If theft occurs in your car;

  • Inform the security forces immediately.
  • Do not move the car from where it is.
  • Do not take anything from the car.
  • Do not wipe or wash the car.
  • Do not sit in the car.
  • Do not touch anything in the car or let others touch them.
  • Do not change the location of anything in the car.
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